Our Innovation

Benetech Labs is our innovation engine. We work with our communities, partners, and funders to explore new areas of need and to build software prototypes. Only those with the greatest potential for social impact graduate and are brought to scale.

Innovation Spotlights

See what we’re working on in Labs.

Enhancing Digital Security through Gaming

Human rights defenders are dedicated to protecting the world's most vulnerable populations. In order to prevent digital threats, human rights defenders must learn how to identify attacks before they inflict damage.
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Alleviating Poverty with Data Cohorts

Poverty alleviation is not a top-down process. Through a community-based approach to data collection and analysis, families are charting their own course out of poverty.
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Improving Access to Social Services

Finding help for food, shelter, healthcare, and other critical social services is difficult. Through an open standard data exchange platform, we're helping providers and families access the services they need.
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Creating Personalized Learning Solutions

Audio, video, tactile objects and other alternative modes of access can help students see things in a whole new way. We're helping them personalize their learning through an open source platform called Imageshare.
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Partner with Us

Do you want to solve big social problems using software? We are looking for community members, partners, and funders to help build the next groundbreaking social sector software solution. You can work on scaling an existing Labs prototype or help us identify and build prototypes that address the next big problem.