Our Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We work with our communities, partners, and funders to explore new opportunities for impact, and implement them for the benefit of all of our software users.

Innovation Spotlights

Smart Assistant Technology Unlocks Reading

Smart speakers offer an intuitive means to access the wealth of information available on the internet. Can they make it easier for people with disabilities to read the books that they love?
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Making STEM Accessible With Artificial Intelligence

How can you learn math without equations? Bookshare engineers are leveraging machine learning and computer vision to make math textbooks accessible.
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JusticeAI: Turning Conflict Data into Actionable Evidence

AI and machine learning can automate and improve the process of analyzing and making actionable the huge amount of data coming out of conflicts and crises, creating a path to justice that was not previously available.
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Partner with Us

Do you want to solve big social problems using software? We are looking for community members, partners, and funders to help build the next groundbreaking social sector software solution.