Benetech Appoints Betsy Beaumon as New CEO

PALO ALTO, Calif. — October 16, 2018 — Benetech, the leading software for social good nonprofit, today announced that Betsy Beaumon will assume the role of CEO effective November 8. Beaumon has served in executive leadership roles for both for-profit and nonprofit technology organizations, most recently as Benetech’s President, driving the development and growth of all Benetech initiatives including inclusive education, poverty alleviation, and human rights.

“Betsy’s dedication to bridging Silicon Valley and the social sector to identify areas of need and develop impact-driven software for social good makes her the ideal CEO for Benetech,” said Christy Chin, Benetech Board Chair and Venture Partner at Draper, Richards, Kaplan Foundation. “With a focus on unlocking massive opportunities for large-scale systems change, Betsy will lead Benetech and the nonprofit community into a future defined by inclusive technology and information that drives measurable impact.”

Beaumon is a social entrepreneur and engineer and has co-founded two software companies, including the first web-based Information and Referral service for human services. She defined the concept of “Born Accessible,” a vision where all digital content is made accessible to everyone when created. Beaumon has developed products across the software, semiconductor, and information sectors and previously held senior positions with BEA Systems, TradeBeam, Social Online Service, and Cisco Systems. She holds a degree in electrical engineering from Northwestern University.

Under Beaumon’s leadership, Benetech’s Bookshare initiative has grown from 30,000 members in the United States to over 600,000 members around the world. Beaumon also oversaw the creation and growth of Benetech Labs, a research and development initiative that has introduced poverty alleviation and inclusive education software projects including Benetech Service Net and Benetech Mathshare.

“Benetech is committed to making access to the world’s information inclusive for all through software for social good,” said Beaumon. “We envision a collective information future that prizes diversity and equality. We will continue to grow and innovate as we enable access to critical information for marginalized populations and connect communities to leverage information for good. I am excited to lead Benetech into the future.”

In conjunction with Beaumon assuming the CEO role, founder Jim Fruchterman will shift to leading a systems-level, strategic technology consulting project for philanthropy and coalitions of nonprofits, for profits, and governments under the Benetech umbrella of solutions. Fruchterman will also continue as a Benetech board member, evangelist, and advisor.

“Benetech’s work bringing the power of technology to all of humanity has just begun,” said Fruchterman. “I am excited for the next chapter of software for social good innovation and impact under Betsy’s leadership. She is a proven leader who already oversees all Benetech program areas, is highly respected by her peers and colleagues, and has my full support to lead Benetech forward.”

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