Benetech Labs Partner

Want to Make a Big Impact? Become a Labs Partner!

We established Benetech Labs because, at any given time, we have dozens of requests and new project ideas in our pipeline, coming from our extensive network of social innovators, social sector leaders and technology visionaries. We needed a space intentionally designed to explore and to identify big ideas—those with the potential to successfully meet a pressing social need.

Logo for Benetech LabsBenetech Labs now offers a new opportunity for entrepreneurs to help us build the capacity to discover and develop new technology applications for social good. Our Benetech Labs Partners commit to funding Benetech at a minimum level over two years.  In return, our Labs Partners have opportunities to engage with Benetech’s project development process and are provided with insider information on new initiatives and ideas.

With your help, we can remove profit as a barrier to conceiving and developing technology that would improve the lives of millions. Together, we can ensure that those who would benefit most from technology have access to it.

If you are interested in becoming a Benetech Labs Partner, please contact Aaron Firestone, Director of Development at AaronFirestone [at]