Benetech Advocates for Accessibility in All Areas of Business

By Benetech, posted on

Jane Poole, Vice President of Human Resources at Benetech, was recently invited to participate on ADP’s Client Advisory Council. ADP is a comprehensive global provider of cloud-based human capital management solutions and business process outsourcing services, analytics, and compliance expertise. ADP manages payroll for one in six workers in the United States, so it has a wealth of data from which to analyze trends and identify ways to best serve its customers, especially millennials and their preference for mobile applications.

Recently, ADP invited representatives from fifteen client companies in a variety of industries (nonprofit, technology, manufacturing, insurance, and the service sector) to provide feedback and offer advice on new policies and programs under development. Jane’s role on the Council allows Benetech to apply its mission – which is to empower communities in need by creating scalable technology solutions – to as many areas of its business as possible and raise awareness of the needs of underserved communities. In particular, Benetech is a recognized leader and advocate for ensuring that all digital content is accessible to people with print disabilities.

The Council meets eight times a year to share best practices on recruiting and human resource management as well as provide feedback on the ADP portal and other tools for HR professionals. Jane feels that her primary role on the Council is to be a voice for employees with disabilities and provide input on accessibility compliance. Said Jane, “I commend ADP for making a commitment to improve technology that affects the experiences of all users.”

Jane was especially enthused about the ADP Innovation Lab that looks ahead three to five years to anticipate new features and service enhancements that will affect their technology platforms. For example, the Council discussed the impact of recent rulings under the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as changing workforce demographics. “I am honored to represent Benetech and the needs of the disabilities community to help ADP get to the next level,” added Jane.

Jane plans to share Benetech’s guidelines for making digital content accessible with the Advisory Council at upcoming meetings. She is pleased that ADP shares one of Benetech’s core values which is “to do the rights things right.”