Envisioning a More Inclusive Future

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I am incredibly excited to be leading the next phase of impact at Benetech as we pursue our vision for the future. It’s a future that prizes diversity and equality, where all people have access to critical information for achieving their own aspirations, and for empowering others through well-connected communities of all kinds.

I am extremely proud to have been a part of the Benetech team for the past ten years, driving initiatives in education, human rights, poverty alleviation and more. I’m humbled every day to work with such a talented team, committed donors and partners, and, most importantly, the communities we serve, to create meaningful systems change and lasting impact. It’s an honor to take on the CEO mantle from our amazing founder, Jim Fruchterman, who will remain as a board member, advisor, and evangelist while pursuing further impact through a new strategic technology consulting project under the Benetech umbrella.

The Benetech team will continue to pursue software initiatives that enable justice, education, access to services, and rights for all by leveraging information and data for good, not for profit. We will continue to change entire ecosystems by solving problems in innovative ways through software and data, and by working throughout the world to apply these solutions at scale.

Please stay tuned for more updates on our work – great things are happening! Together we can ensure that everyone reads, everyone has access to services and basic needs, everyone’s voice is heard, and every victim of rights abuses can achieve justice.

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