CEO Jim Fruchterman Discusses Data-for-Good and Human Rights on WBEZ Chicago’s Worldview

By Benetech, posted on

Collection and archival of sensitive information are core to humanitarian and social justice practices, but all too often security and privacy protections are neglected in such efforts. Benetech CEO Jim Fruchterman sat down with WBEZ Chicago’s Worldview guest host Alexandra Salomon for a conversation about the power of open source technology in strengthening privacy and human rights, and about Benetech’s social impact work.

Fruchterman described what led him to start Benetech as a nonprofit focused on social good; explained how he was inspired to apply tech innovation to help meet the needs of human rights defenders; and discussed how Benetech’s free, secure, open source human rights information management software tool, Martus, helps activists and journalists uphold their commitments to protect and do no harm to the communities they serve.

“I want the sensitive data and stories of vulnerable population to be handled with as much security as I’d like my own data to be treated,” said Fruchterman. More broadly, “our hope is to make it easier for social entrepreneurs to collect and use their data more effectively and securely,” he added.

Worldview is the long-running global affairs program on Chicago Public Media radio station WBEZ. The show highlights a range of voices that go beyond the headlines, exploring issues and events through in-depth public conversations and series.

Listen to the complete conversation with Fruchterman.