Computerworld UK Features SocialCoding4Good in Coverage of Open Source

By Benetech, posted on

Computerworld UK magazine, known as the “Voice of IT Management,” published an article about evaluating open source projects and featured Benetech’s SocialCoding4Good initiative.

The article, Sizing Up Open Source: Not So Simple, discussed how open source may be the new “X factor” in software selection and that choosing the right open source offering could be critical to an organization’s success. It also argues that evaluating an open source project holds more caveats and pitfalls than picking traditional software.

In a section entitled “Community Involvement: Open Source Gives Back,” the article features Benetech as a nonprofit open source organization helping companies give back to the community by providing their programmers with opportunities to volunteer their time and talents to benefit social causes. Reporter Stacy Collett then notes:

“One source of information about these efforts is SocialCoding4Good, which is running a pilot program with several nonprofit organizations that develop humanitarian free and open source software.”

Reflecting on what software companies and developers gain by giving back, Collett quotes Benetech’s VP of Engineering, Gerardo Capiel, saying that SocialCoding4Good “…creates a tremendous professional development opportunity for employees.” As an example, she highlights how one software developer, Abhi Mahule, created lasting impact through SocialCoding4Good by contributing to Benetech’s project of building an Android-based e-book reader for people with print disabilities.

“You should always look out for a larger cause for the greater good. This is the perfect opportunity for that.”