Inside Silicon Valley’s Interview with Jim Fruchterman

By Benetech, posted on

Inside Silicon Valley, a weekly public affairs program on radio station 1590 KLIV in San Jose, CA, featured our CEO, Jim Fruchterman, in a conversation about his journey as a social entrepreneur and Benetech.

Jim described what led him from studying engineering at Caltech to the founding of Benetech as a nonprofit focused on social good, explained our approach and business model, and discussed our initiatives. He also shared insights from our work and explained how it has influenced the social entrepreneurial movement.

“There are so many ways in which people can become involved in the ‘tech for social good’ movement,” said Jim. “I’m hugely optimistic about the impact that the Silicon Valley business community can have on the social sector as well as on government. But we must keep our minds engaged and understand the root causes of social problems so that we can truly address them with solutions that move the needle.”

Inside Silicon Valley explores the trends, challenges and opportunities facing Silicon Valley. It is presented by Joint Venture Silicon Valley, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving economic vitality and overall quality of life in the region, and hosted by Joint Venture CEO Russell Hancock. Guests on the show include business, government and community leaders who shape Silicon Valley.

You can listen to a podcast of the entire episode featuring Jim on Inside Silicon Valley’s iTunes channel.