Jim Fruchterman Discusses Effective Models for Engaging Tech Donors, in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

By Benetech, posted on

The tech industry has been successful at figuring out ways to make things faster, easier, and cheaper, and now it is changing the philanthropy and nonprofit sectors, too. In a story that examines the ways in which wealthy, young tech entrepreneurs are turning to philanthropy and transforming nonprofits, the Chronicle of Philanthropy cites CEO Jim Fruchterman on what he has identified as successful models for engaging tech donors.

These donors, Fruchterman explains, are often drawn to Benetech’s Bookshare accessible library and take interest in its approach to providing digital books to people with print disabilities “at a fraction of the cost of its competitors, while memberships generate revenue that helps pay for the program.”

The story also describes Benetech Labs and its Labs Partners giving circle, whose members donate at least $10,000 a year and provide insight on Benetech’s new product ideas. “What I really want these people getting involved in is our new ventures before we’ve really figured them out,” notes Fruchterman. “That involvement at the start-up stage is where their advice is going to make a huge amount of difference.”

The complete story is available online to Chronicle of Philanthropy subscribers.