Join the Benetech Team – We’re Hiring!

By Benetech, posted on

Are you inspired by the power of technology? Amazed at how it can improve—even transform—the lives of people all around the world? Would you want to work for a tech company whose sole purpose is to create and use technology that helps the people who need it most? Then join our team!

What you’ll find at Benetech is that we’re a different kind of tech company—a nonprofit—with a pure focus on developing technology for social good. Being based in the heart of Silicon Valley, we’ve seen how often technology that could provide great benefit to people who really need it isn’t pursued because it won’t generate big profits for investors. That’s why our founder and CEO, Jim Fruchterman, started Benetech almost 25 years ago—to remove profit as a barrier to developing “tech-for-good” tools and getting them into the hands of those who need them most.

A big part of our success is that we’re also different from most nonprofits. At Benetech we combine our passion for our work with a pragmatic approach that draws its inspiration from successful Silicon Valley businesses. And because we see developing technology as its own social cause, we don’t focus on a particular social issue. This means we get to engage with a variety of fields.

Working at Benetech means you’ll get to be at the nexus of many exciting, high-change industries, including social enterprise, open source software, publishing, human rights and digital security, education technology and more. Talk about growth and learning opportunities! The big difference is that our bottom line is centered on how many lives we help, not how much profit we generate.

Another thing that makes this a special place to work is that we’re guided by a core set of principles, determined by our staff, that help define our identity and drive our work: The Benetech Truths. We refer to these Truths often, such as when we’re evaluating our work or discussing our plans for the future. Our office and work culture is very important to us—these Truths help keep us focused on it!

Are you driven to make the world a better place through technology? Are you a pro at doing the right stuff right and getting stuff done? Are you energized by openness (of software and content alike), transparency, partnership and flexibility? And are you looking for colleagues who are willing to take your personal and career growth as seriously as you are?

Then, check out our open positions. We currently have multiple openings, spanning a wide gamut of fields and skill sets.

This is a thrilling time for Benetech—we’ve got great momentum and are looking forward to making more impact than ever over the next few years. Would you like to work at the hub of the “tech-for-good” movement? Then we hope you consider joining us!