Meet Our 2014 Summer Interns—Part 1

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This is the second year of our formal Summer Internship Program. Once again, it’s been our pleasure to work with a group of fantastic students who have supported multiple teams across Benetech.

Today we’re pleased to introduce Pascal Pepin, who has agreed to share with us highlights of his internship experience and biggest takeaways.

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Pascal Pepin

Portrait of Pascal Pepin.My name is Pascal Pepin and I am going into my third year of an Electrical Engineering degree at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. I heard about Benetech during my last summer internship at assistive technology company Humanware, and was really interested in learning more about the nonprofit world and how technology can create positive social change. So I decided to apply for a summer internship with Bookshare, which is an initiative of the Benetech Global Literacy Program, because I was both curious about what exactly they were doing and also because I was inspired by their quest to improve people’s lives.

I  joined the Customer Service team as a Customer Support Intern and worked on many different tasks and projects, from phone support to creating video tutorials and FAQ’s for the website. Every day was another opportunity to learn more about the community that benefits from Bookshare and how they access our material. I also learned a lot from all my colleagues, who were always happy to answer my questions. I certainly developed my professionalism by interacting with Bookshare members and gained better understanding of the professional office work environment. I am so thankful to the Benetech staff for having me on their team and for their great support throughout my internship.

Now that I’ve completed my internship, I can say without hesitation that it has been the best work experience of my life. I have truly been inspired by this dedicated organization and engaging team. You never get enough of that great feeling when helping people on a daily basis. The values displayed by this ethical organization have become a source of motivation and guidance for my future career.