PBS MediaShift Highlights Benetech’s Mobile Martus App

By Benetech, posted on

Amnesty International’s Christoph Koettl discusses the unique opportunities and pitfalls presented by the decentralized, real-time exposure of human rights violations on YouTube. On PBS’ MediaShift blog, Koettl cites Benetech’s Mobile Martus app among the top human rights tools that collect relevant data and securely store that information.

Mobile Martus is a secure, Android-based documentation tool built on Benetech’s Martus technology, which allows users anywhere in the world to gather and organize information about human rights violations.

While the impact of citizen media on the documentation of and accountability for human rights violations is undisputed, “what we are lacking and what is urgently needed is the proper tools and methodologies “to unlock the YouTube evidence locker. This can be accomplished both through the hands-on trainings of investigators in assessing content and the development of mobile apps [such as Mobile Martus].”

You can read more about Mobile Martus on our blog.