Publishing Perspectives Features Bookshare and DIAGRAM

By Benetech, posted on

Publishing Perspectives, the prestigious online journal of international publishing news and opinion, featured Benetech’s Bookshare library in a recent story called “Exploring Accessible Publishing for the Print Disabled.” The story explains how Bookshare operates successfully under an exception in U.S. copyright law and quotes Robin Seaman, Benetech’s Director of Content Acquisition, who describes how her our with hundreds of publishers has helped make Bookshare the world’s largest library of accessible eBooks.

Bookshare Logo.It also notes that Benetech shepherds forth “a mammoth five year R&D undertaking called DIAGRAM, which aims to educate publishers about how to make content fully accessible for everyone from the very beginning of the process,” and mentions Poet, a web-based, open source image description tool developed by DIAGRAM.

Edited by Edward Nawotka, a publishing industry expert, Publishing Perspective is the first magazine with a central focus on international publishing and has been called “the BBC of the book world.”