San Francisco Chronicle Cites Jim Fruchterman on Rising Tech-for-Good Movement

By Benetech, posted on

Social issues are on the radar for young technology workers more than ever before. In a story that examines the rise of the technology-for-good movement, the San Francisco Chronicle quotes our CEO, Jim Fruchterman, on the reasons that drive techies to philanthropy and to the nonprofit world.

“When Jim Fruchterman founded social enterprise company Benetech in 1989,” the Chronicle’s Kristen V. Brown notes, “there was stigma in starting a nonprofit — it was ‘career death,’ a ‘one-way ticket.’” She then continues to cite Jim:

“The tech industry has moved to being less disdainful to the social sector… For older techies, the shift to nonprofit work might come from the realization that they’re not going to get rich after all, so they might as well work on something important. For younger ones, not having a spouse or kids makes it easier to take the leap.”

You can read the complete article, Techies Find Fulfilling Work at Nonprofits, on the SFGate website.