Serendipity at TED2014, Jim Fruchterman’s Huffington Post Op-Ed

By Benetech, posted on

What could we do with a billion dollars invested in a global campaign aimed at helping the world’s poorest communities? CEO Jim Fruchterman returned from this year’s TED conference with exciting ideas in response to this challenge. On Huffington Post, he explains what sparked his thoughts on this topic.

Jim was inspired by two successive TED discussions. The first, by the new head of the MIT Media Lab Joi Ito, presented an agile approach to innovation, which Joi coined “Deploy or Die” and which is steeped in the new reality of a much more connected society. The second was TED curator Chris Anderson’s response to Joi’s talk, in which he presented the conference attendees with a challenge: What could you do to audaciously reinvest a billion dollars for the public good?

“What if we put the challenges posed by these two leaders together?” says Jim. “What could we do with a billion dollars invested in a ‘Deploy or Die’ campaign aimed at the world’s poorest communities? Would it be a better and more powerful way to address inequality?”

Read Jim’s complete op-ed on the Huffington Post site.