SocialCoding4Good Announces Exciting New Partnership with VMware User Group

By Benetech, posted on

SocialCoding4Good has announced an exciting new partnership with the VMware User Group (VMUG), marking its first engagement with a corporate partner’s extended user community. This joint initiative, in support of the VMUG social impact program, will enable VMUG members to offer their skills to SocialCoding4Good Project Partners—nonprofit organizations creating and maintaining open source software addressing some of the world’s most critical challenges.

Although closely aligned with VMware, VMUG is an independent, customer-led organization with 80,000 members in 50 countries around the world. It is focused on providing education, training, and networking opportunities to maximize its members’ use of VMware and partner solutions.

“It is particularly fitting that VMUG is the first SocialCoding4Good user community partner, “ noted Celine Takatsuno, Program Director for SocialCoding4Good, “VMware was our first corporate partner, and its employees’ technical volunteer efforts have supported projects addressing education, poverty and sanitation, to name only a few.”

“Giving Back is a core value at VMware and one that also resonates with the VMUG community,” added Nicola Acutt, Executive Director of the VMware Foundation. “We’re thrilled that VMUG is partnering with SocialCoding4Good to provide members with skill-based service opportunities for real, sustainable impact.”

In addition to giving VMUG membership a way to make a difference through pro bono service, VMUG will be matching financial and volunteer contributions.

Mariano Maluf, VMUG Board President said, “The VMUG organization is honored to have this opportunity to partner with SocialCoding4Good in giving back to the community. We are looking forward to collaborating with SocialCoding4Good and are passionate about connecting our members to opportunities where they can contribute their skills and funds to help solve humanitarian issues.”