The Chronicle of Philanthropy Cites Jim Fruchterman on the Promise of Satellite Imagery for Nonprofits

Satellite imagery is expensive, but its potential to create social good excites nonprofit technology experts. In a story that reports on the plans of Silicon Valley start-up Planet Labs to bring down the cost of satellite imagery and significantly increase the recording frequency of such photos, The Chronicle of Philanthropy quotes our CEO, Jim Fruchterman, on the opportunities that cheaper remote imagery technology could open up for nonprofits.

Benetech Successfully Exits Environment Open Source Initiative Miradi

I’m delighted to announce that the Benetech team is celebrating a new milestone: we have successfully exited our environment software enterprise, Miradi, and turned continued management and maintenance of this open source software tool to the conservation community. Miradi has grown to a place where it can be self-sufficient and managed independently by the conservation community. Benetech’s commitment to open source made this transition easy.

This Holiday Season Give Different: Drive Social Change at Scale

Because you care about what we do, we’ve been able to create good in the world. We do that through technology innovation that has exponential and global impact—and with your help we can do so much more. As we explore the next big ideas, we hope you will make a donation to drive social change through technology. Your philanthropic gift of any amount is an investment with high returns for social good and will directly impact real people around the world.

Palo Alto Online’s “First Person” Interview with Jim Fruchterman

Our neighbors at Palo Alto Online have featured our CEO, Jim Fruchterman, in their “First Person” video series. The series includes one-on-one interviews with locals who are making a difference in the community. In the conversation, Jim describes the journey that led him from studying engineering at Cal Tech to the founding of Benetech. He also talks about how while most companies focus on developing technology that will generate big profits, Benetech, as a nonprofit, focuses on developing technology for social good.

Benetech and CMP Release Miradi 3.0

New Release of Conservation Software Improves Biodiversity Planning and Analysis of Impact on Human Welfare Benetech® and the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) have released Miradi 3.0, an enhanced and expanded version of the user-friendly software that allows nature conservation practitioners to design, manage, monitor, and learn from their projects. Miradi 3.0 incorporates a new work planning […]