This Holiday Season Give Different: Drive Social Change at Scale

By Benetech, posted on

Invest with us in realizing the potential of technology to make the world a better place for everyone.

Dear Friends of Benetech,

Because you care about what we do, we’ve been able to create good in the world. We do that through technology innovation that has exponential and global impact—and with your help we can do so much more.

Over the past year, we’ve helped over a quarter million people—youth, seniors, families and veterans—living with print disabilities gain access to books and information. We’ve worked to create a global copyright exception, the Treaty of Marrakesh, which benefits people with disabilities around the world.

To human rights defenders facing violations on a daily basis in countries like Burma, Haiti, Uganda and Zimbabwe we’ve provided in-person trainings on human rights documentation best practices and information security, which now enhance their safety and bolster their work.

And we’ve launched Benetech Labs, where we are exploring new projects, including one that could catalyze the agriculture industry to become more sustainable.

It was an extraordinary year for us at Benetech. As a nonprofit tech company addressing needs unmet by for-profit companies, we’ve experienced an unprecedented increase in demand for our products and services. It’s as if the world is ready for us—for our technologies—all at once. The demand is growing, and to meet it we need you.

As we explore the next big ideas, we hope you will make a donation to drive social change through technology. Your philanthropic gift of any amount is an investment with high returns for social good and will directly impact real people around the world.

With your unrestricted gift to Benetech, you can…

  • Give the gift of reading and equal opportunity: help us bring Bookshare, the world’s largest accessible online library, to disadvantaged people with print disabilities, including American veterans and students in India.
  • Defend human rights defenders: help our Human Rights Field Team provide critical technology and trainings to frontline human rights defenders who fight for justice in the face of abuse and opposition in countries around the world.
  • Protect the Earth’s natural resources: help us enhance the tools we provide to environmental practitioners so they can better tackle the vast range of environmental threats, from global challenges to local conservation campaigns.
  • Find new solutions to pressing social problems: help us explore and test the feasibility of new tech-for-good projects, and to identify which of them could yield tools that successfully meet pressing social needs.

This year your support matters more than ever. Thank you for your past and current support.

We wish you a joyful season and look forward to sharing more exciting news with you in the year to come!



Jim Fruchterman
Founder & CEO