Meet Our 2014 Summer Interns—Part 2

We’ve just wrapped up a second successful year of Benetech’s Summer Internship Program. Today we’re pleased to introduce you to three excellent interns who worked with our Bookshare team: Priyanka Amin-Patel, Derek Slone, and Tara Singh. Their efforts went towards getting the word out about Bookshare and expanding the collection.

Meet Our 2014 Summer Interns—Part 1

This is the second year of our formal Summer Internship Program. Once again, it’s been our pleasure to work with a group of fantastic students who have supported multiple teams across Benetech’s programs. Today we’re pleased to introduce Pascal Pepin, who has agreed to share with us highlights of his internship experience and biggest takeaways.

Meet our 2013 Summer Interns—Part 2

Today we’d like to introduce you to our second cohort of interns: Javier Guzman and Marcos Rodriguez. They, too, were wonderful additions to the Benetech community. As in the first session of our Internship Program, Javier and Marcos participated in various company meetings, brown bag lunches and other learning opportunities. They were also extremely helpful in assisting Bookshare with daily tasks, including proofreading dozens of student-requested picture books and updating metadata in Spanish, which allowed us to process and add many new titles to our Spanish collection.

Meet our 2013 Summer Interns—Part 1

This year we launched Benetech’s first formal Summer Internship Program. From June 17 to July 19, three hard-working and motivated students—Allison Clabaugh, Martin Esquivias and Nestor Frutos—provided support to our Bookshare Marketing, Collection Development and Volunteering teams. They assisted with daily duties at Bookshare and participated in various learning opportunities, including educational brown bag lunches, […]