TechCrunch Cites Benetech as Model for Silicon Valley Engagement with Social Sector Issues

By Benetech, posted on

News website TechCrunch cited Benetech as a model for Silicon Valley to broaden its reach and engage in addressing social problems.

In a story titled “There Are No More ‘Tech Issues’,” author Gregory Ferenstein argues that the failed launch of the new health insurance e-commerce website,, demonstrates that “since everything now has crucial technology components, the technology industry cannot sit out any issue.”

Fortunately, says Ferenstein, there are models for Silicon Valley to broaden its reach:

“In foreign policy, Benetech helped develop a James Bond-like eraser tool for spying dissidents, they used statistics to indict war criminals, and helped crisis workers more efficiently find victims of national disasters.”

Ferenstein refers here to the work of our Human Rights Program, on which he wrote in a story published by the Fast Company in 2011.