The Chronicle of Philanthropy Cites Jim Fruchterman on Tech’s Power for Good

By Benetech, posted on

Drones, 3D printers, satellite imagery, high-tech sensors, and other advanced technologies that got their start in business, science, or the military are making their way into the world of social good and being put to work for a wide array of causes. In a story that examines how nonprofits are deploying technology tools in exciting new ways, The Chronicle of Philanthropy cites CEO Jim Fruchterman on the promise that ambitious applications of technology hold for the work of nonprofits.

“All these technical advances are going to revolutionize what we do in the nonprofit sector,” says Fruchterman. “If we just approach it in a sophisticated way, in a way that’s very human-centered, we can make a big difference.”

The complete story, Tech’s Power for Good, is available on The Chronicle of Philanthropy website exclusively to its subscribers.