It’s Time for a Software for Social Good Revolution

By Benetech, posted on

Is your nonprofit ready to unleash the power of Software for Social Good?

Benetech’s Founder & CEO, Jim Fruchterman, recently spoke at Stanford Social Innovation Review’s Conference: From Possibilities to Responsibilities. Jim was quick to point out that leading for-profit companies in Silicon Valley and beyond thrive by embracing software, data, and analytics as core strategic assets in running their businesses. He encouraged those in attendance to learn from the success of for-profit companies by ushering in a Software for Social Good Revolution characterized by data-driven decisions that maximize positive social impact. The software must be shaped by the voices of the communities it serves. 

You can watch Jim’s full presentation here.

The slides from Jim’s presentation are available for download here.

Here’s a quick preview to get you started:

  • Software for Social Good = Software built for or applied to the social sector in order to maximize positive social impact; characterized by efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability
  • Data for Action = Data used to respond to today’s needs, to manage teams better, and to improve efficiency
  • Data for Impact = Data used to establish that interventions lead to lasting change