Jim Fruchterman Discusses Effective Models for Engaging Tech Donors, in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

The tech industry has been successful at figuring out ways to make things faster, easier, and cheaper, and now it is changing the philanthropy and nonprofit sectors, too. In a story that examines the ways in which wealthy, young tech entrepreneurs are turning to philanthropy and transforming nonprofits, the Chronicle of Philanthropy cites CEO Jim Fruchterman on what he has identified as successful models for engaging tech donors.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy Cites Jim Fruchterman on Tech’s Power for Good

Drones, 3D printers, satellite imagery, high-tech sensors, and other advanced technologies that got their start in business, science, or the military are making their way into the world of social good and being put to work for a wide array of causes. In a story that examines how nonprofits are deploying technology tools in exciting new ways, The Chronicle of Philanthropy cites CEO Jim Fruchterman on the promise that ambitious applications of technology hold for the work of nonprofits.

Join Us in the Skoll Foundation’s 2014 Social Entrepreneurs Challenge

Benetech’s work is made possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters. To continue to provide our services, and to explore new ways in which targeted technological applications could address unmet needs of disadvantaged communities, we definitely need your help. Please join us in the Skoll Foundation’s second annual Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge—a fundraising campaign committed to strengthening the capacity of organizations like ours to accelerate impact on some of the most critical issues of our time. The Challenge launched on October 27 and runs through December 5th.

Jim Fruchterman Discusses How Open Source Sparks Innovation and Advances Social Good, on Opensource.com

Adopting an open source philosophy has proven to be quite effective when furthering technology-for-good, notes online magazine Opensource.com in an interview with Benetech CEO Jim Fruchterman. Fruchterman goes on to describe the open source tools Benetech builds; clarifies why it is important that cybersecurity tools in particular are open; explains how Benetech’s culture of “open” shapes its product development as well as broadly serves its social mission; and reflects on the reasons why the open source ethos is well suited for creating social impact.

Benetech May Provide Clues of How to Redefine IT Organizations of the Future, Says CIO Insight

Information technology organizations seeking to redefine the idea of service in the digital age can learn from Benetech and CEO Jim Fruchterman, argues business and technology magazine CIO Insight. In a story titled “Creating the IT Organization of the Future,” author Charles Araujo highlights Benetech’s social enterprise business model and names Fruchterman a “Digital Renaissance Man.”