Your New Destination for Software for Social Good 

By Joel Riciputi, posted on

Front and Center: Our Work, Our Impact, Our Innovation

Earlier this year the Benetech marketing team sat down with a diverse group of our colleagues and asked a simple question, “why are you proud to work at Benetech?” The responses were varied, but all revolved around three core themes: our impact, our innovation, and our areas of work. There was a sense of excitement and passion as individuals spoke about Benetech’s ability to tackle hard problems and to deliver positive and lasting social good.

We kept the insights gleaned from those conversations front and center as we developed the new Benetech website, which I’m pleased to introduce to you today. We hope it inspires you just as working at Benetech inspires all of us.

A teacher is clapping his hands with three boys in a classroom

Our Impact: Benetech’s proven ability to deliver lasting impact is what fuels our passion for software for social good. Whether it’s helping children learn to read or making it safer to document human rights violations, we are focused on achieving positive social impact at scale. To date, we’ve delivered 10+ million books to people with disabilities, protected over 4,500 human rights defenders in 50+ countries, and enhanced environmental conservation efforts in more than 170 countries. And we’re constantly pursuing the next big impact.

Our Innovation: The future of software for social good relies on constant innovation. That’s why Benetech is dedicated to working with community members, partners, and funders to explore new areas of need, to build software prototypes, and to scale the innovations with the greatest potential for social impact. Here are a just a few of the projects that are currently under development: Access to social services, poverty alleviation, personalized learning.

Our Work: The communities we serve inform everything we do across our four areas of work: education, human rights, poverty, and the environment. We engage community members at every stage, from identifying areas of social need to deploying software solutions in the field. As a nonprofit, our work is made possible by philanthropy, government, and corporate funding in addition to community participation. These groups are both the enablers and recipients of our work, and together they help ­­­­­ensure that all members of society benefit from the power of technology.

I hope you enjoy exploring the new website and that it inspires in you a passion to do meaningful work, to drive impact, and to constantly innovate. If it does, please visit our Get Involved and Give pages to learn how you can be a force for social good.